Lancaster, CA–April 06, 2011—EIN Presswire
Lancaster, California-based company appointed by UK firm to install energy-saving technology.

A Lancaster-based company is taking giant green steps toward helping small businesses cut rising utility costs of running walk-in refrigerators and freezers within the food service industry. GreenTemp AC specializes in reducing energy within businesses, and due to the fact that refrigeration is responsible for the consumption of 20% of the world’s energy, UK Company UMP, the manufacturer of the EndoCube refrigeration products, is striving to help smaller area businesses during the economic crunch. GreenTemps founder Mark Hollingsworth said, “The economy is hurting so many small businesses to the point that many local family-owned restaurants, pizzerias, and delis are either cutting staff or closing down altogether.”

GreenTemp AC will be installing the Endocube energy-saving technology, which is being used across the whole of Europe, and now making an impact in the United States. “As a company, we would like to help consumers who are currently seeing utility costs grow by helping them reduce their monthly bills,” said Hollingsworth.

The benefits of installing this NSF-certified technology are huge. Not only will it save energy, but extend the life on equipment, and increase food safety by keeping the food at the correct temperature.

The Benefits of Installing the EndoCube technology:

1. Reduced Energy costs on refrigeration

2. Reduced compressor wear and tear by up to 75%

3. Reduce product spoilage by maintaining stable temperatures

4. Doubles the life span of refrigeration equipment

5. No ongoing maintenance, monthly or yearly fees

6. Give customer great quality and fresher produce

7. Reduce servicing / repair costs to equipment

8. Increase bottom-line profits by reducing utility costs

9. One-day installation with no downtime

10. Retro-fits any type of commercial refrigeration

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