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The transport industry certainly isn’t a stranger to the “green” movement … But, due to some external factors, South African companies are lagging behind those abroad. Bon Consumer Products, local distributor of the EndoCube is planning to change this.
“The EndoCube is essentially a unit for commercial refrigeration, from manufacturing and produce, to refrigerated trucks and supermarkets,” Ramakrishna Naag, MD and founder of Bon. Moletech explains – adding the EndoCube reduces power consumption (by 20 to 30 percent) and thus carbon emissions.
Manufactured in the United Kingdom, this unit’s power-consumption savings come from what it measures … “It monitors the food temperature and not the freezer temperature,” says Naag. “So it switches the compressor on and off based on the food temperature – which means the produce remains at the right temperature and keeps fresher for longer.”
Chrystal Erasmus, Bon’s executive director adds: “The EndoCube is also perfect for temperature-controlled distribution chains – so the whole supply chain can benefit from this product. Besides the savings on electricity, there are also massive environmental benefits resulting from lowered carbon emissions.”
She continues: “The government supports power savings by passing on tax incentives to businesses that show annual savings on power consumption. There is also a drive to lower carbon emissions, through the carbon credits act. If we can get all the big corporates to lower their power usage on refrigeration by 30 percent, it will have a huge impact on our carbon footprint as well as our electricity requirements throughout the country.”
Currently Bon has distributors in the Western Cape, North West, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. “We are setting up distributors all over South Africa, in all the provinces,” Naag points out.
“We are delighted to bring affordable green products to the market, so that South Africa can become a player in the ‘green’ arena – and have a ‘greener’ environment for our future.”

Green Power Automation is a Cape Town based company, focused on promoting Green Energy and very exclusive FMCG products. The management skills include Engineering, research & development, sales & marketing of International brands, global business & sourcing. Green Power Automation is managed by Ramakrishna Naag, an Engineer with 25 years of International management experience and Chrystal Erasmus, a management & retail professional with experience in Domestic and International markets.
ENDOCUBE – Cut Refrigeration Costs
The EndoCube is a Refrigeration Control device developed in the UK.
The EndoCube has been fully independently tested and certified as Food Safe by the US NSF International and HACCP Australia and is patented World-wide.
The EndoCube:
• saves energy from 14% to 22% …. and more!
• Uses no electricity, has no electronics and no mechanical moving parts, has no maintenance – a ‘Fit & Forget’ device – it cannot fail
• It cannot be the ‘wrong‘ temperature • protects the compressor from excessive wear and tear • comes with a 10 year warranty
• Gives return on investment (ROI) typically from 3 to 12 months
• A longer ‘off’ period allows the pressure of the refrigerant gas to ‘balance’, this allows for a more efficient refrigeration cycle, and when the system starts again it does so with a softer start, leading to a quieter refrigeration system.
• This improved efficiency usually makes the refrigeration run cooler, often by 2˚C (3˚F), so the set point may have to be adjusted.
• Less starts means less use of the compressor, giving it a greater life span. Compressor manufacturers recommend fewer starts.
• Less use means less call out charges.
• Less cost on spare parts
• … and finally, less breakdowns!
GREEN POWER AUTOMATION – A division of Bon Consumer Products Pty Ltd

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