24 Jul 2012
EndoCube is a temperature mimicking sensor that controls cold storage refrigeration according to product temperature as opposed to continually fluctuating air temperature.
The sensor provides a proven method for improving refrigeration efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. EndoCube is endorsed by HACCP Australia and certified as a food temperature simulant.
A key issue with cold chain refrigeration is its operation based on the environment’s fluctuating air temperature, which reduces operating efficiency. Cold room doors are constantly opened and closed creating warm air currents entering the cold room, which then float directly to the ceiling where the controlling probe then triggers the system to provide additional cooling. The food is barely affected yet the refrigeration system is constantly cycling on and off; costing money without providing any practical benefit.
The EndoCube rectifies this issue by ensuring the system only operates when the amount of warm air that enters the environment is enough to warrant additional cooling to maintain correct product temperature.
The EndoCube’s formulated wax compound simulates the thermal properties of food and enables the control system to operate compressor cycles in a more efficient manner, running fewer cycles and with longer run times.
Longer cycles enhance the system efficiency, leading to less wear and tear on the mechanical components and the reduction in the number of compressor starts provide savings in power consumption.
The EndoCube from Onergy is suited to commercial refrigeration applications from stand-alone condenser systems to complex rack solutions. Benefits have been recorded for cold store warehousing solutions, supermarket front- and back-of-house refrigeration facilities, restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores and distribution trucks.
As the price of electricity increases across Australia, with further increases expected in the coming years, the EndoCube provides a risk-free method of improving the efficiency of the refrigeration equipment while reducing running costs.
With a simple installation process and no maintenance required, the Endo Cube is a simple product overcoming the existing problem of refrigeration control systems making decisions based on fluctuating air temperatures in the refrigerated environment.
The EndoCube provides a simple way to contribute positively to HACCP food safety programs, reduce refrigeration running costs while offering energy savings, and to ensure the refrigeration runs more efficiently, meaning less equipment wear and tear.

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