Technical Specifications

While the EndoCube comes in three different models to be compatible with every refrigeration unit, the models differ only regarding the length of the device.
(As the existing thermostats of the refrigeration units vary in length).

NSF International under Protocol 235

Patent Numbers:
WO2001037062 A1
US 6976368
EP 1244949
Available Sizes:
Length: 1.8 in or 4.5cm – 3 in (7.5cm) (including bayonet and two-part cable trap)
Width: 1.8 in or 4.5cm
EC 101 – Fits sensor size up to 1.5 in or 3.8cm
EC 102 – Fits sensor size up to 3.25 in or 8.2cm
EC 103 – Fits sensor size up to 5 in or 12.7cm
EndoCube and bayonet fixing (male)
Two-part cable trap (termination)
Bayonet fixing plate (female)
Locking ring